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Site for global mergers & acquisition firm looking to break out of the pack of dry-bones FinServ-type websites in order to highlight their high-touch process.

The site features parallaxing, animation, and responsive design. I co-wrote, concepted, designed and produced the entire site.

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I am responsible for design of the graphics, (except logo concept) most of the photography, most of the copywriting plus design, and maintenance of the site itself.

Talented interior designer Mark Zancanaro was looking for a brand update and a new way to showcase his recent work.

I am responsible for organization & design of the graphics, (except logo), selection of stock photography and co-creation (in Squarespace) of the site itself.

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Website for an Evanston team comprised of a textile designer and an architect. I did the brand development which symbolizes the designers willingness to never stop digging for a more interesting approach in interior design.

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This is a website that helped build a locally-owned business build itself through new clients and repeat customers. I am responsible for organization & design of the graphic design and web development, (except logo), some of the photos and most of the copywriting plus maintenance of the site itself.

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