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Dick Lynch, Chief Marketing Officer, Popeyes

"I worked with Cathy for several years at Campbell Mithun Advertising in Minneapolis on accounts ranging from small and upstart—Breathe Right Nasal Strips—to multi-million dollar advertising spenders—Dow Brands Cleaning products.  No matter the size of the account, what distinguished Cathy and her work was her deep insight into the brand she was creating advertising for. She has a unique ability to understand the essence of a brand and translate it to powerful communications. She was a wonderful partner to me in one of the best, most productive times of my career."




John Hurst, Global Creative Director, McCann Erickson, London

"Cathy Grisham has great talent, integrity and passion.  And she’s whip smart. I had the pleasure of working with her early in my career in Chicago, and so enjoyed it that many years later I tricked her into coming to work with me in Minneapolis where I was Chief Creative Officer at Campbell Mithun. Cathy brings energy and enthusiasm to everything she does and every interest she pursues.  She challenges convention, champions people and relishes great ideas. I respect her greatly and am proud to be her friend."




Chad Germann, CEO/Red Circle Agency, Minneapolis

"In my company's specific industry -- (Indian gaming) -- Red Circle Agency, my company, has the reputation for being the very best creative shop in the business.  This is something we hear from everyone, always.  It's not even a question.  


The largest industry conference organization uses our work in their seminars on casino branding creative.  The #1 marketing consultant in the industry, Steve Brown of Raving Consulting, travels around the country, speaking to different casinos each and every week, and the when he talks to casinos about brand creative -- he uses our tv spots and and ours alone. Those spots, that creative work, our creative reputation -- it's all Cathy.  She is the engine that drives the creative we do, and have done, for the past 10 years.  Every piece of work on our reel, every award we have won -- it's all Cathy.


My company is at the very top of our industry, and our reputation, our work, the reason people hire us, has more to do with Cathy's work than anything else I've done in the 13 years of business."






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