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acherus DIG_circleonly_FIN_clr.png

Logo for an Evanston team comprised of a textile designer and an architect. The brand mark symbolizes the designers' willingness to never stop digging for a more interesting approach in interior design.

My first branding project in a foreign language. VIN of course is wine (in Portuguese and lots of languages) 

This new winebar is in a town full of colorful castles called Sintra.

Synchrony is a dance team for

non-dancers at Carleton University in Northfield MN.

This is a logo for a dental practice

in Indiana that specializes in 

cosmetic dentistry.

This Sarasota shopping center is called UTC.

Lets take that lemon and make something delicious out of it.


THE CENTER OF ATTENTION is a themeline I wrote, as well.

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