Other work for which I was creative director, many of which I concepted and art directed.

General Mills/Cinnamon Toast Crunch


Two spots that acknowledge the guilty pleasure of many adults: Cinnamon Toast Crunch!



General Mills/Chex


This spot that reminds people that Chex is grain, pure and simple.


Microsoft® Hardware/Actimates


Microsoft® Hardware Division

Trade ads

Maybelline/Illegal Lengths and other brands

One of the proudest moments of my career was having the legendary Matthew Rolston tell me he thought that Smart Beautiful Maybelline campaign was some of the 'best cosmetic advertising' he'd ever seen'.

Funny stuff.

Dejope Casino/Madison

A not-too-sexy casino is opens in the heart of the cheese belt. 'A Little Bit of Vegas. A Whole Lotta Madison' is the theme.

Breathe Right Strips


Hostess Snacks

"Hey, where's the cream filling?"

Miscellaneous Print Work





Naming, Brand Development and Design for Real Estate


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